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      Routine to open an IDL database

Calling Sequence

      dbopen, name, update


      name - (Optional) name or names of the data base files to open.
              It has one of the following forms:
              'name' -open single data base file
              'name1,name2,...,nameN' - open N files which are
                              connected via pointers.
              'name,*' -Open the data base with all data
                              bases connected via pointers
              '' -Interactively allow selection of
                              the data base files.
              If not supplied then '' is assumed.
              name may optionally be a string array with one name
              per element.
      update - (Optional) Integer flag specifing openning for update.
              0 - Open for read only
              1 - Open for update
              2 - Open index file for update only
              !PRIV must be 2 or greater to open a file for update.
              If a file is opened for update only a single data base
              can be specified.


      UNAVAIL - If present, a "database doesn't exit" flag is returned
                through it. 0 = the database exists and was opened (if
                no other errors arose). 1 = the database doesn't exist.
                Also if present, the error message for non-existent databases
                is suppressed. The action, however, remains the same.

Side Effects

      The .DBF and .dbx files are opened using unit numbers obtained by
      GET_LUN. Descriptions of the files are placed in the common block

Procedures Called



      For IDL Version 2 W. Landsman May 1990 -- Will require further
          modfication once SCREEN_SELECT is working
      Modified to work under Unix, D. Neill, ACC, Feb 1991.
      UNAVAIL keyword added. M. Greason, Hughes STX, Feb 1993.
      William Thompson, GSFC/CDS (ARC), 1 June 1994
              Added support for external (IEEE) representation.
      William Thompson, GSFC, 3 November 1994
                      Modified to allow ZDBASE to be a path string.
      8/29/95 JKF/ACC - forces lowercase for input database names.
      W. Landsman, Use CATCH to catch errors July, 1997
      W. Landsman Use vector call to FDECOMP, STRSPLIT() Sep 2006
      W. Landsman Remove obsolete keywords to OPEN Sep 2006
      Replace SCREEN_SELECT with SELECT_W, remove IEEE_TO_HOST WL Jan 2009
      Fix typos in BYTEORDER introduced Jan 2009 G. Scandariato/W.L.Feb. 2009
      Support new DB format which allows entry lengths > 32767 bytes
              W.L. October 2010
      William Thompson, fixed bug opening multiple databases Dec 2010
      Fix problem with external databases WL Sep 2011

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