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      Selects an X windows cursor shape

Calling Sequence

      curs ;Interactively select a cursor shape.
      curs, sel ;Make the given CURSOR_STANDARD value the cursor

Optional Input

      sel - Either an integer giving the CURSOR_STANDARD value (usually an
              even value between 0 and 152) indicating the cursor shape, or
              a string from the following menu
      a -- Up arrow
      b -- Left-angled arrow
      c -- Right-angled arrow
      d -- Crosshair
      e -- Finger pointing left
      f -- Finger pointing right
      g -- Narrow crosshair
      h -- Cycle through all possible standard cursor shapes
      The full list of available cursor values is given in




      Uses the CURSOR_STANDARD keyword of the DEVICE procedure. Although
      this keyword is available in Windows IDL, the values
      used by this procedure are specific to the X windows device.


      If the user supplies a valid cursor shape value, it is set. Otherwise,
      an interactive command loop is entered; it will continue until a valid
      value is given.

Modification History

      Converted to VAX 3100 workstations / IDL V2. M. Greason, STX, May 1990.
      Avoid bad cursor parameter values W. Landsman February, 1991
      Don't change value of input param W. Landsman August 1995
      Use SIZE(/TNAME) instead of DATATYPE() W. Landsman October 2001

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