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      Show array of 256 colors in a window.


Calling Sequence



Keyword Parameters


        BLACK=blk Specify black or dark color (def=0).
        WHITE=wht Specify white or bright color (def=1).
          These are used for the index numbers.


Common Blocks


      Notes: useful to pick colors from the window systems
      colors in case IDL cannot control the colors. For
      example, when using 256 colors on a workstation and
      a widget, the IDL colors will not show up while using
      the widget. This may make it impossible to use the
      widget. One work around is to use good window colors
      for the IDL graphics. For example, window color 23
      may be white and 32 blue. If XOR mode graphics is used
      then XOR 55 with 23 to get 32 (32 = 23 xor 55). If the
      background color is bck and you want plot color clr then
      just plot (bck XOR clr), where the plot crosses the
      background it will be that color.

Modification History

      R. Sterner, 1998 May 12
  Copyright (C) 1998, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
  This software may be used, copied, or redistributed as long as it is not
  sold and this copyright notice is reproduced on each copy made. This
  routine is provided as is without any express or implied warranties
  whatsoever. Other limitations apply as described in the file disclaimer.txt.

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