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      To force an angle into the range 0 <= ang < 360.

Calling Sequence

      CIRRANGE, ang, [/RADIANS]


      ang - The angle to modify, in degrees. This parameter is
                changed by this procedure. Can be a scalar or vector.
                The type of ANG is always converted to double precision
                on output.

Optional Input Keywords

      /RADIANS - If present and non-zero, the angle is specified in
                radians rather than degrees. It is forced into the range
                0 <= ang < 2 PI.


      The angle is transformed between -360 and 360 using the MOD operator.
      Negative values (if any) are then transformed between 0 and 360

Modification History

      Written by Michael R. Greason, Hughes STX, 10 February 1994.
      Get rid of WHILE loop, W. Landsman, Hughes STX, May 1996
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997

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