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  Allows the user to interactively zoom into an image. Program controls are available
  by right-clicking in the full-sized image window. Zoom factors from 2x to 16x are
  available. Use the left mouse button to draw a box on the full-sized image to locate
  the region of the image to zoom.




    Code examples::
      IDL> image = cgDemoData(7)
      IDL> cgZImage, image ; 2D image
      IDL> image = cgDemoData(16)
      IDL> cgZImage, image ; True-Color image


      David W. Fanning
      1645 Sheely Drive
      Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA
      Phone: 970-221-0438
      E-mail: david@idlcoyote.com
      Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming: http://www.idlcoyote.com


    Change History::
        Written, 20 September 2012 from previous FSC_ZImage program. DWF.
        Modernized the info structure handling to reflect modern sensibilities. 3 Oct 2012. DWF.
        Changes to allow this to work with very large images. Can now zoom to actual pixel values.
          Also fixed a problem that left zoom windows lying around unused if scroll bars were
          needed. 18 October 2012. DWF.
        The color palette was not always being included when images were zoomed. Fixed. 17 Nov 2012. DWF.
        Added ZoomFactor keyword to allow the zoom factor to be set on start-up. 28 Nov 2012. DWF.
        Fixed a typo that caused bringing controls into the window to fail. 13 Jan 2014. DWF.


    Copyright (c) 2012-2014, Fanning Software Consulting, Inc.

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