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  The purpose of cgPS_SETUP__DEFINE is to define a structure that is
  used by cgPS_Open and cgPS_Close to communicate PostScript set-up information
  back and forth. The idea is to allow simple and easy set-up of PostScript and
  raster file output (though PostScript intermediate files and ImageMagick). The
  program uses a common block named " _$FSC_PS_START_ ".


    Graphics Utility


      David W. Fanning
      1645 Sheely Drive
      Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA
      Phone: 970-221-0438
      E-mail: david@idlcoyote.com
      Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming: http://www.idlcoyote.com


    Change History::
      Separated from cgPS_Open file, 7 April 2009, by David W. Fanning.
      Added PAGETYPE field to structure. 8 August 2009. DWF.
      Changes to handle inability to create raster files from PS encapsulated files in
          landscape mode. Added "encapsulated" field to structure. 26 Aug 2011. DWF.
      Modified to keep track of the "input" True-Type font for PostScript devices. 22 May 2013. DWF.
      Added RasterFileType field to keep track of what kind of output file should be created
          from the intermediate PostScript file. 29 Nov 2013. DWF.
      Created from retired Coyote Library program FSC_PS_SETUP and added rasterFileType field. 29 Nov 2013. DWF.


    Copyright (c) 2008-2013, Fanning Software Consulting, Inc.

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