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  Provides a device-independent and color-model-independent way to erase a graphics
  window with a particular color.




    background_color: in, optional, type=string/integer/long, default='white'
        The color to use in erasing the graphics window. Default is "white."
        Color names are those used with cgColor.


    color: in, optional, type=string/integer/long, default='white'
        An alternative way to specify the color to use in erasing the graphics window.
        Color names are those used with cgColor. This parameter is used in
        preference to the background_color parameter.
    layout: in, optional, type=intarr(3)
        This keyword specifies a grid with a graphics window and determines where the
        graphic should appear. The syntax of LAYOUT is three numbers: [ncolumns, nrows, location].
        The grid is determined by the number of columns (ncolumns) by the number of
        rows (nrows). The location of the graphic is determined by the third number. The
        grid numbering starts in the upper left (1) and goes sequentually by column and then
        by row. If this keyword is used, only this portion of the window is erased.
    window: in, optional, type=boolean, default=0
        Set this keyword to erase the current cgWindow application. "Erasing" in
        this case means removing all the current commands.


    Used to "erase" various things::
      IDL> cgErase
      IDL> cgErase, 'gray'
      IDL> cgErase, COLOR='charcoal'
      IDL> cgPlot, cgDemoData(1), /Window
      IDL> cgErase, /Window
      IDL> cgPlot, cgDemoData(17), Layout=[2,2,1]
      IDL> cgPlot, cgDemoData(17), Layout=[2,2,4]
      IDL> cgErase, Layout=[2,2,1]


          David W. Fanning
          1645 Sheely Drive
          Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA
          Phone: 970-221-0438
          E-mail: david@idlcoyote.com
          Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming: http://www.idlcoyote.com


    Change History::
        Written, 12 November 2010. DWF.
        Modified so that input variables are not changed. 18 Nov 2010. DWF.
        Got my color selection algorithm right. COLOR keyword takes precedence
          over the parameter. 18 Nov 2010. DWF.
        Modified to erase in decomposed color, if possible.
        In some cases, I was turning BYTE values to strings without converting to
            INTEGERS first. 30 Dec 2010. DWF.
        Added WINDOW keyword. 26 Jan 2011. DWF.
        Added LAYOUT keyword. 1 Feb 2011. DWF.
        Modified error handler to restore the entry decomposition state if there is an error. 17 March 2011. DWF


    Copyright (c) 2010, Fanning Software Consulting, Inc.

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