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  The purpose of this function is to obtain drawing colors
  by name and in a device/decomposition independent way.
  The color names and values may be read in as a file, or 192 color
  names and values are supplied with the program. These colors were
  obtained from the file rgb.txt, found on most X-Window distributions,
  and from colors in the `Brewer color tables <http://colorbrewer2.org/>`.
  Representative colors were chosen from across the color spectrum.
  If the color names '0', '1', '2', ..., '255' are used, they will
  correspond to the colors in the current color table in effect at
  the time the `cgColor` program is called.




    To get drawing colors in a device-decomposed independent way::
        axisColor = cgColor("Green", !D.Table_Size-2)
        backColor = cgColor("Charcoal", !D.Table_Size-3)
        dataColor = cgColor("Yellow", !D.Table_Size-4)
        Plot, Findgen(11), Color=axisColor, Background=backColor, /NoData
        OPlot, Findgen(11), Color=dataColor
    To set the viewport color in object graphics::
        theView = Obj_New('IDLgrView', Color=cgColor('Charcoal', /Triple))
    To change the viewport color later::
        theView->SetProperty, Color=cgColor('Antique White', /Triple)
    To load the drawing colors "red", "green", and "yellow" at indices 100-102, type this::
        IDL> TVLCT, cgColor(["red", "green", "yellow"], /Triple), 100
    To interactively choose a color, set the SELECTCOLOR keyword::
        IDL> color = cgColor(/SelectColor)
    The PickColorName program is a good way to learn the names of the colors available::
        IDL> color = PickColorName()


          David W. Fanning
          1645 Sheely Drive
          Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA
          Phone: 970-221-0438
          E-mail: david@idlcoyote.com
          Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming: http://www.idlcoyote.com


    Change History::
        Written by: David W. Fanning
        Modified FSC_COLOR to create cgColor 9 February 2011. DWF.
        Modified to allow a three-element color triple to be used in place of the color
          name parameter. This allows one user-defined color to be used. 4 Dec 2011. DWF.
        Modified to allow byte and 16-bit integer values to be used to specify colors
          in the current color table. 5 Dec 2011. DWF.
        Modified to allow the "opposite" pixel to be determined in the Z-graphics buffer. 24 Dec 2011. DWF.
        Modified the code to handle long integers depending on the current color mode and the
            number of values passed in. 10 January 2012. DWF.
        Made sure the return values are BYTES not INTEGERS, in cases where this is expected. 10 Jan 2012. DWF.
        Added "Background" as a color name. The opposite of "Opposite". 1 Feb 2012. DWF.
        When returning a vector of color values, now making sure to return a byte array if
            in indexed color mode. 27 Feb 2012. DWF.
        Added Compile Opt id2 to all file modules. 22 July 2012. DWF.


    Copyright (c) 2009-2012, Fanning Software Consulting, Inc.

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