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This procedure plots a legend for bullet plots.



Calling Sequence

BULLET_LEGEND, Position, Radius, Maxdatum


Position: A 2-element vector containing the position ([x,y]) in
normal coordinates of the lower left corner of the
box containing the legend.
Radius: The radius of the largest bullet, in normal coordinates.
Maxdatum: The value of the largest bullet.

Keyword Parameters

COLOR: If set, negative values are plotted as blue filled
bullets and positive values as red filled bullets.
If set to a 2-element vector, negative values are
plotted as filled bullets of colour index COLOR[0],
and positive values as filleds of colour index COLOR[1].
If not set, negative values are plotted as unfilled
bullets and positive values as filled bullets.
SYMBOL: A 2*N array containing the x- and y- coordinates of
a bullet symbol to be plotted. The default is a 20-
point circle.
NVALUES: The number of bullets to plot in the legend. The
default is 4.
TITLE: A string containing the title of the legend.
NDECPLACE: Number of decimal places to be displayed in the
legend's bullet labels. The procedure can make a
decent minimal guess at this.
AREASCALE: If set, the scale used to plot the bullets goes by
the bullet area, rather than the bullet diameter.




This procedure uses the input values to construct an appropriate
box containing the legend for a bullet plot.


Create a legend for a bullet plot of temperature anomaly data
with a maximum value of 6 deg C.
bullet_legend, [0.2,0.2], 0.05, 6, /color, $
symbol=circle(0,0,1,21), $
title='Temperature Anomaly (deg C)'

Modification History

  Written by: Daithi A. Stone, 2000-08-24.
Modified: DAS, 2000-08-28 (added AREASCALE keyword).
Modified: DAS, 2000-09-12 (made compatible with !P.MULTI).

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