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    Breaks up a path string into its component directories.

Calling Sequence

    Result = BREAK_PATH( PATHS [ /NoCurrent])


    PATHS = A string containing one or more directory paths. The
              individual paths are separated by commas, although in UNIX,
              colons can also be used. In other words, PATHS has the same
              format as !PATH, except that commas can be used as a separator
              regardless of operating system.
              A leading $ can be used in any path to signal that what follows
              is an environmental variable, but the $ is not necessary.
              Environmental variables can themselves contain multiple paths.


      The result of the function is a string array of directories.
      Unless the NOCURRENT keyword is set, the first element of the array is
      always the null string, representing the current directory. All the
      other directories will end in the correct separator character for the
      current operating system.

Optional Input Keyword

      /NOCURRENT = If set, then the current directory (represented by
              the null string) will not automatically be prepended to the

Procedure Calls


Revision History

      Version 1, William Thompson, GSFC, 6 May 1993.
              Added IDL for Windows compatibility.
      Version 2, William Thompson, GSFC, 16 May 1995
              Added keyword NOCURRENT
      Version 3, William Thompson, GSFC, 29 August 1995
              Modified to use OS_FAMILY
      Version 4, Zarro, GSFC, 4 August 1997
              Added trim to input
      Fix directory character on Macintosh system A. Ferro February 2000
      Use STRSPLIT instead of STR_SEP() W. Landsman July 2002
      Remove VMS support W. Landsman September 2006

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