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      Single mouse button interactive box on image display.


Calling Sequence

      box1, x, y, dx, dy


Keyword Parameters


        /DEVICE Work in device coordinates (default).
        /NORMAL Work in normalized coordinates.
        /DATA Work in data coordinates.
        COLOR=clr Box color. -2 for dotted box.
        DXRANGE=dxr X size range [min, max].
        DYRANGE=dyr Y size range [min, max].
        SHAPE=shp If given box shape is locked: Shape=dy/dx.
        /NOSTATUS Inhibits status display widget.
        TEXT=txt Text array to display in status widget.
        MENU=txtarr Text array with exit menu options.
          Def=['OK','Abort','Continue']. 'Continue is added.
        /NOMENU Inhibits exit menu.
        EXITCODE=code. 0=normal exit, 1=alternate exit.
          If MENU is given then code is option index.
        SETSTAT=st May use the same status display widget on
          each call to box1 (stays in same position).
          On first call: the status widget structure is returned.
          Following calls: send st. Must use with /KEEP.
          To delete status display widget after last box1 call:
            widget_control,st.top,/dest (or drop /KEEP)
        /KEEP Do not delete status widget on exit.
        ECHO=win2 Echo same box in second window.


Common Blocks


Modification History

      R. Sterner, 1994 Jan 10
      R. Sterner, 1995 Mar 22 --- Added /NOMENU option.
      R. Sterner, 2005 Jun 24 --- Added ECHO=win2 keyword.
      R. Sterner, 2010 Apr 30 --- Converted arrays from () to [].
  Copyright (C) 1994, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
  This software may be used, copied, or redistributed as long as it is not
  sold and this copyright notice is reproduced on each copy made. This
  routine is provided as is without any express or implied warranties
  whatsoever. Other limitations apply as described in the file disclaimer.txt.

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