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  This function calculates and returns the (1D) indices corresponding
  to the borders of an array. These indices can be conerted back into
  n_dimensional indices via array_indices.


  Array: An array of any size
  width: A scalar or vector specifying the border width. If width is
  a scalar, than an n-pixel border will be extraced along every
  dimension. Otherwise, width must have the same number of elements
  as array has dimensions. Each element specifies the border width
  along the corresponding dimension.

Keyword Parameters

  dimension: Set to an integer (1-8) do extract only the edge of the
  ith dimension of the data.
  upper: Set to 1 to extract only the upper (high-index valued) edge
        of the data
  lower: Set to 1 to extract only the lower (low-index valued) edge
        of the data


  The indices corresponding to the border


  to trim a 10 pixel border off of an image
  im = findgen(3,3)
  print, im
    0 1 2
    3 4 5
    6 7 8
  border = border_indices(im, 1)
  im[border] = 0
  print, im
  0 0 0
  0 4 0
  0 0 0

See Also

  reshape, indices

Modification History

  April 2010: Written by Chris Beaumont
  July 2010: Added lower, upper, dimension keywords. cnb.

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