The THOR Viewer is a separate graphical user interface that allows you to easily pan, rotate, and zoom the loaded image. The THOR Viewer provides a simple mechanism for you to review and refine target detection results, and it is a common tool among several THOR tasks.

The THOR Viewer consists of four areas, shown in the following figure:

The Viewing Area is where the loaded image and target overlays (if any) are displayed. Clicking in the Viewing Area performs various functions depending on what is currently selected in the Control Bar.

The Sample and Line fields in the Status Bar display the current pixel address underneath the cursor. The upper-left corner of the first pixel is (1,1). If the image is georeferenced, the Map X and Map Y fields will display the geographic position for the pixel. The lower-right part of the Status Bar indicates the progress of any processes running in the background, such as generating image statistics. You can still interact with the THOR Viewer while background processes are running.

See Control Bar and Target Controller for more information about these two areas.