Troubleshooting a Send Operation

There are common configuration errors that can lead to problems when attempting to send files. If the following error appears in the Status window of the Storage SCU tab, consider the following possible resolutions:



Failed to open an association.

The remote machine you are attempting to send images to is not recognized. Try these steps:

  1. Make sure that you can connect to the remote machine. See Returning Connection Status with Echo. If echo fails, see the following item.
  2. Try sending files to yourself. Select the current Storage SCP entity (which appears in the grayed out Storage SCP Application Entity section of the Configuration tab) from the Destination Node droplist. (This was configured in Configuring Your System to Receive Files). Select and send yourself a file.
  3. If you can send yourself a file, double-check the network settings of the Application Entity related to the machine you are attempting to send files to. The Application Entity Title, Host Name (or IP Address), and Port Number must all match the values of the remote machine. See Defining the Remote Storage SCP Node.