The Tactical Hyperspectral Operations Resource (THOR) workflows are designed to process hyperspectral imagery. The following workflows are available:

Each workflow uses a different combination of shared tools, referred to as panels. Each panel includes basic instructions, which you can show or hide by using the arrow button on the right side of the dialog. A Show informational dialogs between steps check box is located on the bottom of some panels. By default, this check box is not enabled. To proceed to the next step in each panel, you must close the information dialog. Click the Help button at the bottom of each panel for more detailed information on the current workflow.

Many of the panels also invoke a separate application called the THOR Viewer, which is a graphical user interface for viewing input imagery and reviewing target detections.

Click the Next button to proceed to the next panel in a workflow.

Note: THOR Workflows are only available on Windows platforms.