Use the Rule Thresholding panel to review rule images that result from processes such as Signature Matching and Anomaly Detection. The input image will load into the THOR Viewer, which is used to adjust the target thresholds. Use the Rule Thresholding panel to change the band combination or image displayed in the THOR Viewer.

Follow the steps under Changing the Displayed Image, then Use the THOR Viewer and associated histogram panels to set the thresholds as needed.

Changing the Displayed Image

The Rule Thresholding panel lists the different images that are available to display in the THOR Viewer. The images include the original input image and the atmospherically corrected image. Other images are displayed, depending on which module is running. For Target Detection, this includes the transform images and rule images for each target signature.

For images with multiple spectral bands, you can load several default band combinations with a single click. These include Natural Color Composite, False Color Composite, and SWIR Color Composite.

If the selected image does not have the necessary bands to create that composite, THOR will display a warning. To load a single band or color composite of your choice, click Select Another Base Image. The Select Bands to View dialog appears. Select the Gray Scale or RGB Color radio button, then select the desired bands. When done, click OK to have the selected band(s) display in the THOR Viewer.

The following table shows center wavelengths that THOR uses for finding bands for the default color composite:

The following figures show examples of different band combinations:

The following figure shows an example of displaying a rule image for a target: