Manual band selection allows you to define which bands should be used for further processing. At a minimum, you should remove bands in the 1400 nm and 1900 nm wavelength regions (due to atmospheric water absorption), in addition to any noisy or otherwise bad bands.

  1. From the Method drop-down list in the Dimensionality Reduction and Band Selection panel, select Manual band selection.
  2. The Input Bands list lists every band in the image. Double-click a band, or click Display Band to open the selected band in a display group. Click Animate to launch ENVI’s animation tool, which provides a convenient way to quickly review all of the bands.
  3. Select the bands to keep for further processing by clicking one of the following buttons:
    • Select Graphically: The THOR Spectral Subsetting dialog appears.
    • Select By List: The File Spectral Subset dialog appears.