The Anomaly Detection workflow is used to locate objects within an image that are spectrally different from the background. THOR uses the Reed-Xiaoli (RX) algorithm. After THOR detects the anomalies, the workflow will guide you through reviewing each anomaly to determine whether it is of interest or not. You can attempt to identify the anomaly by using the Material Identification tool.

  1. From the Toolbox, select THOR > THOR Anomaly Detection. The THOR Anomaly Detection dialog appears.
  2. Select an input file.
  3. Perform atmospheric correction.
  4. Reduce dataset dimensionality and select bands.
  5. When the Anomaly Methods panel appears, select the RX (Reed Xiaoli) detection algorithm.
  6. Perform rule thresholding.
  7. Perform spatial filtering.
  8. Review the detections.
  9. Export targets.

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