In Step 9 of the Target Detection Wizard, you select whether to export the target detection results to one shapefile and/or ROI per target detection method.

For shapefile output, ENVI performs raster-to-vector conversion for each of the selected target detection methods and lists the output in the Available Vectors List.

The shapefiles and ROIs are saved to the directory you specified with the output root name at file input.

If you are exporting to ROIs, enable Display ROI to have ENVI automatically display the ROI Tools dialog after the ROIs are created.

After you make your selection, click Next. When ENVI is done producing export files, the View Statistics and Report panel appears.

If you exported to Shapefiles, the Available Vectors List appears, listing the Shapefiles ENVI created.

If you exported to ROIs and enabled the Display ROIs check box, the ROI Tools dialog appears. Use the ROI Tools dialog to find and delete false positives. Navigate to target objects that are false positives and click Delete Part.