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Start Rigorous Orthorectification

Start Rigorous Orthorectification

Before you begin:

  • The recommended minimum screen resolution is 1152 x 864.
  • Copy data to a local directory with write access because temporary files will be created during the orthorectification process and written to the same directory as your data files.
  • Input images must be in their native format, filenames, and directory structure, exactly as they are delivered by the data provider. For example, you cannot spatially subset a WorldView-2 GeoTIFF image, rename the subset, save it as a TIFF image, and read it from the Wizard. The imagery must include all associated metadata and ephemeris data. See Supported Image Formats for a list of supported image formats and accompanying metadata.

Select Geometric Correction > Orthorectification > Rigorous Orthorectification from the Toolbox. The ENVI Orthorectification Wizard opens with the Input Data Selection panel (Step 1 of 5). The Layout Manager and ENVI Orthorectification Wizard also appear.

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