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Reproject LAS File Sample Code

Reproject LAS File Sample Code

This ENVI LiDAR sample code shows how to reproject LAS file output. It provides information on how to:

  • Specify an input .las or .laz file, if one is not open.
  • Specify an output location and .las output type.
  • Reproject the data.
  • Write the reprojected points with projection information to a new .las file.

View the Sample Code

  1. Start the IDL Workbench.
  2. Select File > Open and navigate to the PRO Code file C:\Program Files\Harris\ENVIxx\examples\lidar\reproject_las_file.pro. The file opens in the IDL Workbench.

Run the Sample Code from the ENVI Toolbox

  1. Copy the PRO code source file C:\Program Files\Harris\ENVIxx\examples\lidar\reproject_las_file.pro to a directory that ENVI searches for extensions. See Deploy Extensions for directory information.

  2. Launch ENVI+IDL by clicking ENVI+IDL from the Windows Start menu.
  3. In the ENVI Toolbox, select Extensions > LiDAR > Samples and double-click Reproject LAS File.

Note: Depending on your user account privileges, you may not be able to save changes to the sample extensions. Refer to Toolbox Extensions for information on copying the samples to a user-writeable location.

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