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Add an Extension Sample Code

Add an Extension Sample Code

This sample shows how to add a code extension to the Toolbox. To run this extension requires ENVI LiDAR and a full IDL license.

Use the sample code to become familiar with extensions. This sample provides information on how to:

  • Open the current or a new ENVI LiDAR session.
  • Add the extension to a subfolder in the Toolbox.
  • Call the extension code when the extension is selected in the Toolbox.

View the Sample Code

  1. Start ENVI LiDAR.
  2. In the Toolbox, select Samples.
  3. Right-click MyExtension1 and select Debug.

Note: If the extension is not visible in the Toolbox, verify you have a full IDL license.

Run the Sample Code

Use one of the following to run the sample code:

  • On the IDL workbench toolbar, click Compile, then click Run.
  • In ENVI LiDAR double-click the MyExtension1 extension in the Toolbox

Note: Depending on your user account privileges, you may not be able to save changes to the sample extensions. Refer to Deploy Extensions for information on copying the samples to a user-writeable location.

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