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SURFR Procedure

SURFR Procedure

The SURFR procedure sets up 3-D transformations. This procedure duplicates the rotation, translation, and scaling features of the SURFACE routine, but does not display any data. The resulting transformations are stored in the !P.T system variable.

This routine is written in the IDL language. Its source code can be found in the file surfr.pro in the lib subdirectory of the IDL distribution.


SURFR [, AX=degrees] [, AZ=degrees]





This keyword specifies the angle of rotation about the X axis in degrees towards the viewer. The default is 30 degrees.

First rotated, AZ (see below) degrees about the Z axis, then by AX degrees about the X axis, tilting the surface towards the viewer (AX > 0), or away from the viewer.


This keyword specifies the counterclockwise angle of rotation about the Z axis. The default is 30 degrees.

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