The Echo SCU functionality of the DICOM Network Services utility lets you test the network connection to a remote machine that supports Query SCP or Storage SCP service types. To test the connection status of a remote node, do the following:

  1. If needed, start the DICOM Network Services utility. See Starting the Network Services Utility for details.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
  3. In the Echo SCU area, select the Application Entity name from the Remote Nodes droplist. The results of the echo operation appear in the Status window.

Troubleshooting Echo Errors

If the following error appears in the Status window of the Configuration tab, consider the following possible resolutions:



Echo Failed:

Open Association Failed

The machine you are attempting to connect to is not available. Try these steps:

1. Double-check the network settings of the Application Entity related to the machine you are attempting to connect to. The Application Entity Title, Host Name (or IP Address), and Port Number must all match the values of the remote machine.

2. Restart the Storage SCP service. After making any changes to the configuration properties of a Storage SCP Application Entity while in system configuration mode (when the DICOM Network Services utility is started with DICOMEX_NET, /SYSTEM), you must stop and restart the Storage SCP Service. Use the Stop Service and the Start Service buttons on the Configuration tab to restart the service.