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Overview of DICOM Network Services

Overview of DICOM Network Services

IDL DICOM Network Services supports SCU (service class user) and SCP (service class provider) network functionality including:

  • Echo SCU
  • Query/Retrieve SCU
  • Storage SCU
  • Storage SCP

Note: This feature requires an additional-cost license key to access the functionality. For more information, contact your Harris Geospatial Solutions sales representative or technical support.

Three broad areas of functionality in the DICOM Network Services utility that support these services are:

  • Configuration: Allows you to configure properties of Application Entities (AEs), echo a remote node and manage the Storage SCP service. AEs can be configured in a local Configuration tab or a system Configuration tab. See Local Versus System Configuration for important information on the distinction.
  • Query Retrieve SCU: Allows you to query a remote database of files and retrieve selected files. You can also see the query/retrieve operation status, and optionally define custom query parameters. You will need to configure an Application Entity for a Query SCP node before performing a query operation. See Defining a Machine to Be Queried for details.
  • Storage SCU: Allows you to select a node to which files are sent and select the files to send. You will need to configure an Application Entity for the remote device that supports Storage SCP. See Sending Files to a Remote Destination for details.

See DICOM Network Services User Interface for screen shots of each of the available tabs.

Note: See Compliance with the DICOM Standard for important information regarding the use of the DICOM Network Services utility for clinical research or diagnostic purposes.

Network Performance and Virus Protection Software

Transferring files over a network can be a time consuming process. To optimize file transfer speed, you may want to disable any virus scanning software when performing query, retrieve or send operations.

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