Modifying an Application Entity

On the Configuration tab of the DICOM Network Services utility, you can modify the characteristics of default or custom application entities. For the default, Application Entities (those listed in Default Application Entities), you can modify the following fields:

  • Application Entity Title
  • Host Name
  • TCP/IP Port Number

For a custom Application Entity, you can modify any configurable characteristic. Complete the following steps to modify an Application Entity definition:

  1. Launch the DICOM Network Services utility in local or system configuration mode if needed. See Starting the Network Services Utility for details.
  2. Select the Application Entity to be modified from the Existing Entities droplist on the Configuration tab.
  3. Click in any available field and make the desired changes. Other areas of the dialog are desensitized while in Application Entity definition mode.
  4. Complete the Application Entity modification. Click Save to save the changes to the Application Entity definition in the local or system configuration file. Click Cancel to dismiss the changes and exit Application Entity definition mode.