You can launch products generated in ENVI LiDAR in ArcMap, and you can create a screen capture of the Main window view and launch the image in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Launch ENVI LiDAR Products in ArcMap

If ArcMap is installed, you can launch ENVI LiDAR products in them.

Note: ArcMap support is for 32-bit mode only.

  1. To launch in ArcMap: Click the Launch Products in ArcMap button on the toolbar, or select File > Launch Products in ArcMap from the menu bar.
  2. In the Launch Generated Products dialog that appears, the check boxes for products that are available are enabled. Disable the check boxes for a product if you do not want to launch it in ENVI or ArcMap.

    Products you can launch include:

    • Orthophoto
    • DSM
    • DEM
    • Buildings
    • Building Perimeters
    • Trees
    • Power Lines
    • DEM Contours
    • Terrain TIN
    • Viewshed Raster
  3. Click Launch.

Depending on the file format generated during processing, ENVI LiDAR might need to convert products to the default file format at the time of launch. See Outputs Tab for the default formats for each product.

When launching a product in ArcMap, a DEM or DSM in ENVI raster format may need adjusted parameters for stretching when in ArcMap. To do this, right-click the .dat file and select Properties. In the Symbology tab, choose Stretched. Under Stretch Type, select Minimum-Maximum. If prompted to compute statistics, select Yes. Click OK.

Note: Close the product files in ENVI or ArcMap if you will process the data in ENVI LiDAR again; otherwise, an error may appear in the Operations Log window.

Launch ENVI LiDAR Screen Capture in Microsoft PowerPoint

If Microsoft PowerPoint is installed, you can create a screen capture of the contents in the Main window (including annotations) and automatically open the image in Microsoft PowerPoint. Click the Screenshot to PowerPoint button on the toolbar, or select File > Screenshot to PowerPoint from the menu bar to capture the screen and launch PowerPoint. The Operations Log displays the location and name of the screen capture.