The IDLsysMonitorInfo::GetMonitorNames function method retrieves, into an array, the X Window System Display name strings associated with each monitor on the system. There is one name string in the array for each monitor. The contents of the array of strings depends on the X server configuration. If the server is configured as an extended desktop, the same X Display name string is returned in each string in the array. If the server is configured to use multiple X Screens, the X Display name corresponding to each X Screen is returned in the array. The function returns a one-element array containing an empty IDL string if there are no monitors available on the system, or if the DISPLAY_NAME property does not refer to a valid X server connection. On Windows systems, this function returns an array of empty strings, one for each monitor, since display name strings are not useful on Windows.


Result = Obj->[IDLsysMonitorInfo::]GetMonitorNames()

Return Value

Returns an array of strings, one for each monitor.





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