The IDLitComponent::GetProperty procedure method retrieves the value of an IDLitComponent property or properties.

Obj->[IDLitComponent::]GetProperty[, PROPERTY=variable] [, /NO_COPY]


Any property listed under IDLitComponent Properties that contains that contains the word “Yes” in the “Get” column of the properties table can be retrieved using this method. To retrieve the value of a property, specify the property name as a keyword set equal to a named variable that will contain the value of the property.


Note: This keyword only has an effect when getting the UVALUE property.

Usually, when getting the UVALUE property, IDL makes a copy of the data being transferred. Although this technique is fine for small data, it can have a significant memory cost when the data being copied is large.

If the NO_COPY keyword is set, IDL handles the GetProperty operation differently. Rather than copy the source data, it takes the data away from the source and attaches it directly to the destination. This feature can be used to obtain the information from the UVALUE property without the memory copying that would otherwise occur. However, it has the side effect of causing the source variable to become undefined; in a call to the GetProperty method, this means that the UVALUE property of the IDLitComponent object becomes undefined.

Version History




Added NO_COPY keyword