The IDLitComponent::GetFullIdentifier function method navigates the iTool object container hierarchy of the object on which it is called and retrieves the fully-qualified object identifier. The full identifier is constructed by recursively retrieving the parent object reference and prepending this to the identifier, separated by / characters. The parent must inherit from the IDLitContainer class. The full identifier string has the following form:


If the Objref argument is specified, the function returns the object identifier path relative to the specified object.


Result = Obj->[IDLitComponent::]GetFullIdentifier([Objref])

Return Value

Returns a string containing the object identifier.

Note: The full object identifier of a top-level container object is “/” even if the top-level container’s IDENTIFIER property is set to some other value. If the top-level object is not a container object, the full object identifier is an empty string (“ ”) even if the top-level object’s IDENTIFIER property is set to some other value.



An object reference to an iTool component object. If this argument is specified, the returned value is a relative object identifier, beginning with Objref. If this argument is not specified, the returned value is a fully-qualified object identifier.



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