The IDLgrWindow::Draw procedure method draws the specified scene or view object to this graphics destination.

Note: Objects are drawn to the destination device in the order that they are added to the model, view, viewgroup, or scene object that contains them.


Obj->[IDLgrWindow::]Draw [, Picture] [, CREATE_INSTANCE={1 | 2}] [, DRAW_INSTANCE={1 | 2}]



The view (an instance of an IDLgrView object), viewgroup (an instance of an IDLgrViewgroup object), or scene (an instance of an IDLgrScene object) to be drawn. If Picture is not supplied, the graphics hierarchy specified by the GRAPHICS_TREE property of the IDLgrWindow object will be drawn, if it exists. If neither the Picture argument or the GRAPHICS_TREE property are specified, nothing is drawn.



Set this keyword equal to one to specify that this scene or view is the unchanging part of a drawing. Some destinations can make an instance from the current window contents without having to perform a complete redraw. If the view or scene to be drawn is identical to the previously drawn view or scene, this keyword can be set equal to 2 to hint the destination to create the instance from the current window contents if it can.


Set this keyword to specify that the instance, or unchanging part of the drawing, is drawn to the device first. IDL then draws the changing part of the drawing, indicated by the scene, view or viewgroup specified by the Picture argument.

If the value of this keyword is 1, IDL copies both the instance image (color buffer) and the instance depth buffer to the device.

If the value of this keyword is 2, IDL copies only the instance image to the device.

Note: Set the TRANSPARENT property of any IDLgrView objects associated with the Picture argument to a non-zero value before calling the Draw method with the DRAW_INSTANCE keyword set. This prevents the drawn instance (the unchanging part of the scene) from being erased when drawing the changing portion of the scene contained in the Picture argument.

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