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The IDLffXMLDOMTreeWalker::NextSibling function method creates an object that is a subclass of IDLffXMLDOMNode and returns the object reference to that object. The object refers to the node in the DOM tree that is the next sibling of the node to which the walker is currently pointing.

If the current node has no visible next sibling, this method returns a null object reference, and the current node does not change. Otherwise, the DOM tree node to which the returned object refers becomes the current node in the tree walker.

This method destroys the object returned by the most recent previous invocation of any of the following navigation methods:

A node object returned by this method is destroyed when the tree walker is destroyed.


Result = Obj->[IDLffXMLDOMTreeWalker::]NextSibling()

Return Value

Returns an object reference to the next sibling of the node in the DOM tree to which the tree walker is pointing, or a null object reference if the current node has no visible next sibling.





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