The IDLffXMLDOMNodeIterator::NextNode function method creates an object that is a subclass of IDLffXMLDOMNode and returns the object reference to that object. The object refers to the node in the DOM tree that appears after the iterator’s current position in document-order traversal. The iterator's current position is then updated to the position immediately after the node returned by this method.

This method destroys the object returned by the most recent previous invocation of IDLffXMLDOMNodeIterator::NextNode or IDLffXMLDOMNodeIterator::PreviousNode.


Result = Obj->[IDLffXMLDOMNodeIterator::]NextNode()

Return Value

Returns the object reference to the object that refers to the next node in the DOM tree.

If the iterator is positioned after the last node in the subtree under the iterator's root node, this method returns a null object reference, and the iterator's position does not change.

The first time this method is called after the iterator is created, the return value is the iterator's root node.





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