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The IDLffXMLDOMNamedNodeMap::SetNamedItem function method adds a node to the named node map. After adding the node, the node can be accessed using the node’s name attribute. If a node with the same name is already present in the map, then the node in the map is replaced by this new node.

Some node types have fixed name tags due to the nature of the node type. For example, an IDLffXMLDOMText node's name tag always has the value “#text” because it always contains text in its value tag. For a list of other nodes with fixed name tags see IDLffXMLDOMNode::GetNodeName Return Values. (The fixed names are the names in quotation marks.)

Note: You cannot place nodes with fixed name tags into a named node map because it uses the nodes' name tags to search for a requested node.


Result = Obj->[IDLffXMLDOMNamedNodeMap::]SetNamedItem( Node )

Return Value

Returns an object reference to an instance of a subclass of IDLffXMLDOMNode that references the node that was replaced, if the method replaces a node in the map. Otherwise, the method returns a null object reference.



An object reference to an instance of a subclass of IDLffXMLDOMNode that refers to the node to add to the map.



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