The IDLffXMLDOMDocument::GetElementsByTagName function method creates an IDLffXMLDOMNodeList object containing all element nodes in the document tree with the specified tag name and returns an object reference to the IDLffXMLDOMNodeList object. The nodes are placed in the node list in the order that they are encountered during a preorder traversal of the tree.


Result = Obj->[IDLffXMLDOMDocument::]GetElementsByTagName( TagName )

Return Value

Returns an object reference to the IDLffXMLDOMNodeList object.

The returned node list is “live,” in that any changes made to the document tree after the node list was returned will be immediately reflected in the node list.

If no nodes matching the specified tag name are found, an IDLffXMLDOMNodeList object is still returned, but contains no nodes.



A scalar string containing the tag name that is used to match the elements. The value “*” matches all tags only; it is not a wildcard expression, and you cannot use it to make partial matches.



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