IDLffXMLDOMDocument objects have the following properties in addition to properties inherited from any superclasses. Properties with the word “Yes” in the “Get” column of the property table can be retrieved via IDLffXMLDOMDocument::GetProperty. Properties with the word “Yes” in the “Init” column of the property table can be set via IDLffXMLDOMDocument::Init. Properties with the word “Yes” in the “Set” column in the property table can be set via IDLffXMLDOMDocument::SetProperty.

Note: For a discussion of the property description tables shown below, see Modifying Object Property Descriptions.

Objects of this class have the following properties.

In addition, objects of this class inherit properties from the following superclass:


A scalar integer that specifies the node destruction policy for all node objects created directly or indirectly by a document object. The property value is not changed if you attempt to set it to other than one of the supported values:


When OBJ_DESTROY destroys a node object, it also destroys all node objects that the node created. These nodes, in turn, destroy all the nodes that they created, and so on. This is the default property value.


OBJ_DESTROY destroys only the node object for which it is called.

The destruction policy used for node destruction is obtained from the document object's property at the time a node object is destroyed. Thus, the document object's node destruction policy property can be changed between node destructions to use a specific destruction policy for certain nodes.

For all values of this property, all of the nodes created directly or indirectly by the document object are destroyed when the document object itself is destroyed.

For example, consider the following code:

oChild = oElement->getFirstChild()
oParent = oElement->getParentNode()

If NODE_DESTRUCTION_POLICY has a value of 0 when OBJ_DESTROY is called, all three nodes, oChild, oParent, and oElement, are destroyed. If the property has a value of 1 when OBJ_DESTROY is called, only oElement is destroyed.

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