The IDLffLangCat::Init function method initializes an IDLffLangCat object.

Note: Init methods are special life cycle methods, and as such cannot be called outside the context of object creation. This means that in most cases, you cannot call the Init method directly. There is one exception to this rule: If you write your own subclass of this class, you can call the Init method from within the Init method of the subclass.

Any invalid input will result in a failure to create a valid object. Invalid input includes the following cases:

  • The requested language is not found in any of the input files
  • Any application in APP_NAME is not found
  • Any file in FILENAME is not found
  • Any directory in APP_PATH does not exist
  • The requested default language is not found

You can set the VERBOSE keyword to view the output log for a detailed description of the creation (or failure) of the object. You can also set CONTINUE_ON_ERROR to override the failure behavior if you have the language specified, regardless of the language’s existence.


Obj = OBJ_NEW( 'IDLffLangCat', Language [, PROPERTY=value] [, /CONTINUE_ON_ERROR] )


Result = Obj->[IDLffLangCat::]Init( Language [, PROPERTY=value] [, /CONTINUE_ON_ERROR] )     (In a lifecycle method only.)

Return Value

Returns the new object if successful or a null object otherwise if initialized with OBJ_NEW, or returns 1 if successful or 0 otherwise if called from a subclass’s Init method.



A string containing the name of the language to load from the catalog.


Any property listed under IDLffLangCat Properties that contains the word “Yes” in the “Init” column of the properties table can be initialized during object creation using this method. To initialize the value of a property, specify the property name as a keyword set equal to the appropriate property value.

You must specify either APP_NAME or FILENAME for this method. If APP_NAME is specified, it overrides any input to FILENAME.


If set, the object will be created as long as the language is specified, regardless of the validity of any of the input parameters. If not set, the object will not be created if any input is invalid. If a language is not specified or is specified incorrectly (e.g., as a multiple element array), the object will not be created, and an error will be thrown, regardless of the value of this keyword.

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