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DicomEx and DICOM Network Services require a separate license and installer. Contact your Harris Geospatial Solutions sales representative or technical support for more information.

The IDLffDicomEx::GetValueCount function method returns the number of values in a DICOM attribute specified by a standard DICOM attribute tag. This method allows you to return the number of values contained in public attributes. See IDLffDicomEx::GetPrivateValueCount for information on returning the number of values within a private attribute.

GetValueCount will fail if you attempt to return a value for an attribute that does not exist or an attribute that has been removed. If you are not sure if an attribute exists use IDLffDicomEx::QueryValue before calling GetValueCount.


Result = Obj->[IDLffDicomEx::]GetValueCount(DicomTag [, SEQID=integer] )

Return Value

Returns an unsigned long value indicating the number of values in the value field of the specified attribute as follows:

  • A value of 0 indicates the tag had no value
  • A value greater than 0 (n) indicates the number of values in the value field



A string that identifies the group and element of a DICOM attribute in the form 'XXXX,XXXX'. The DicomTag argument must reference a public tag. See DICOM Attributes for a list of tags.



Set this keyword only if retrieving the value of an attribute that exists within a sequence. Use this keyword to specify sequence identifier as follows:

  • Set to a non-zero value (a sequence identifier) indicating the sequence in which the value is contained. This sequence identifier may have been returned via a previous call to the GetValue method.
  • Set to 0 or do not specify this keyword to indicate the attribute exists at the root level of the DICOM file. This is the default.


The following example returns the number of items in a multi-valued Image Type attribute (0008,0008) and uses this value to cycle through the collection of values. For more information on the attribute, see IMAGE_TYPE.

PRO read_count_imagetypeattr
; Select a DICOM file to examine.
    PATH=FILEPATH('',SUBDIRECTORY=['examples','data']), $
    TITLE='Select DICOM Patient File', FILTER='*.dcm')
; Open the selected file in read-only mode.
 oImg = OBJ_NEW('IDLffDicomEx', sfile)
; Return the Image Type attribute count that can have
; 1 to n values. And then return the value of the tag.
vCount = oImg->GetValueCount('0008,0008')
result = oImg->GetValue('0008,0008')
FOR i = 1, vCount DO BEGIN
   Print, 'Result number', i, + ' is ', result[i-1]

For example, when you select us_test.dcm, the following is printed to the Output Log window:

Result number       1 is ORIGINAL
Result number       2 is PRIMARY
Result number       3 is EPICARDIAL

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