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DicomEx and DICOM Network Services require a separate license and installer. Contact your Harris Geospatial Solutions sales representative or technical support for more information.

The IDLffDicomExQuery::SetValue procedure method sets a tag value within a DICOM Network Service message request.

You should call the SetValue method after IDLffDicomExQuery::OpenFindRQ but before sending the message to the server.

For an example of using this method see IDLffDicomExQuery::OpenFindRQ.


Obj.[IDLffDicomExQuery::]SetValue, MessageID, Tag [, Value] [, STATUS=variable]



Set this argument to an integer giving the message request ID that was returned from IDLffDicomExQuery::OpenFindRQ.


Set this argument to the desired DICOM group/element tag number. Tag can be specified either as a string or as a hexadecimal integer. For example, to return the value of DICOM tag 0020,1206 you would specify Tag as either "0020,1206" or 0x00201206.


Set this optional argument to a scalar integer, a scalar floating point (single or double precision), a scalar string, or a string array.

Note: You should use a string array only for DICOM tags that allow multi-value, otherwise use a scalar string.

As an example of populating a cancel request:

oQuery.SetValue, requestID, '0000,0120', messageID
oQuery.SetValue, requestID, '0000,0800', 0x0101us

where messageID corresponds to a previous request ID (C_FIND_RQ) that has already been sent to the server. In this case a new request is created in order to request that the server cancels the previous request.

The Value argument is optional, and should be omitted when requesting that the server fill in information. For example:

oQuery.SetValue, requestID, '0020,1206'
oQuery.SetValue, requestID, '0020,1208'

When sent to the server, this will request that the server populate 0020,1206 and 0020,1208 in its reply.



Set this keyword to a named variable in which the status code for the operation will be returned. If STATUS is not specified then any error messages will be output to the screen and IDL will halt execution.

Tip: The status code can be converted to a human-readable string using the IDLffDicomExQuery::MC_Status method.

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See Also

IDLffDicomExQuery::MC_Status, IDLffDicomExQuery::OpenFindRQ, IDLffDicomExQuery::Send

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