The IDLcomIDispatch::GetProperty function method is used to get properties from the COM object that underlies an IDLcomIDispatch object. The COM object’s property names are represented as IDL keywords to the GetProperty method, and property values are treated as IDL keyword values.


Obj->[IDLcomIDispatch::]GetProperty, [, PROPERTY=variable] [, arg0, arg1, …]


Because some of the underlying COM object’s property methods may require arguments, the GetProperty method will accept optional arguments. The values of the arguments themselves will depend on the COM object that underlies the IDLcomIDispatch object.

Note: If arguments are required, you can only specify one property to retrieve in a given call to the GetProperty method.


Any property listed under IDLcomIDispatch Properties that contains the word “Yes” in the “Get” column of the properties table can be retrieved using this method. To retrieve the value of a property, specify the property name as a keyword set equal to a named variable that will contain the value of the property.

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