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The IDL_Object::_overloadNOT function method defines the behavior of the bitwise NOT operator for instances of objects that inherit from the IDL_Object class.

This method is designed to replicate the default behavior of objects that do not use operator overloading. As a result, object classes that do inherit from the IDL_Object class but that do not override this particular method will behave in the same manner as object classes that do not inherit from the IDL_Object class.


In most cases, this method is called indirectly by specifying an object reference as an argument on the right side of the NOT operator. When called explicitly, the syntax is:

Result = Obj->[IDL_Object::]_overloadNOT( )

Return Value

This method is called when the operand to the NOT operator is an instance of a class that inherits from the IDL_Object class, but that does not implement its own _overloadNOT method. The return value replicates the behavior of the NOT operator with an object that does not inherit from the IDL_Object class.





Routine Signature

To overload the unary NOT operator for an object class, implement a method with the following signature:

FUNCTION class::_overloadNOT

The return value of this function should be the result of the overloaded NOT operation.

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