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Hello World Example with a Java Connector Object

Hello World Example with a Java Connector Object

To create a Java application that uses the connector object’s executeString method to print “Hello World” in the command window, complete the following steps.

Note: The file for this example, hello_example.java, is located in the examples/doc/bridges/java subdirectory of the IDL distribution.

  1. Open the file named hello_example.java in the location referenced above.
  2. Open the Windows Command window by selecting Start > Run and enter cmd in the textbox.
  3. Use the cd command to change to the directory containing the hello_example.java file.
    For a default Windows installation, the command would be:
  4. cd IDL_DIR\examples\doc\bridges\java
    where IDL_DIR is the directory where you have installed IDL.
  5. Reference the classpath of javaidlb.jar in the compile statement. This automatically accesses the connector object, java_IDL_connect, which is contained within the file. Enter the following two commands (as single lines) to compile and execute the program, replacing IDL_DIR with the IDL installation directory:
  6. javac -classpath ".;IDL_DIR\resource\bridges\export\java\javaidlb.jar" hello_example.java
    java -classpath ".;IDL_DIR\resource\bridges\export\java\javaidlb.jar" hello_example

After compiling and running the project, “Hello World!” will appear in the command window.

See Note on Running the Java Examples for information on executing Java commands on a non-Windows platform.

An expanded “Hello World” example that allows you to optionally say hello from someone can be found in Hello World Java Example with Additional Method to create the necessary wrapper object files.

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