Use HSV sharpening to:

  • Transform an RGB image to HSV color space
  • Replace the value band with the high-resolution image
  • Resample the hue and saturation bands to the high-resolution pixel size using a nearest neighbor, bilinear, or cubic convolution technique
  • Transform the image back to RGB color space.

The output RGB images will have the pixel size of the input high-resolution data. The input bands must be byte data. Follow these steps:

  1. From the Toolbox, select Image Sharpening > HSV Sharpening. The Select RGB Input Bands dialog appears.
  2. Select the three color bands to transform from either an open color image display or from the Layer Manager. Click OK. The Input File dialog appears.
  3. Select the high-resolution input band and perform any optional spatial subsetting, then click OK. The HSV Sharpening Parameters dialog appears.
  4. Select the resampling method from the Resampling drop-down list.
  5. Select output to File or Memory.
  6. Click OK. ENVI adds the resulting output to the Layer Manager.