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Fonts in IDL Direct Graphics

Fonts in IDL Direct Graphics

When generating characters for Direct Graphics plots, IDL uses the font system specified by setting the !P.FONT system variable to one of the following values:


Use Hershey vector-drawn fonts—the default


Use device fonts (fonts supplied by the graphics device)


Use TrueType fonts

The IDL system variable !P.FONT setting can be overridden for a single IDL Direct Graphics routine (AXIS, CONTOUR, PLOT, SHADE_SURF, SURFACE, or XYOUTS) by setting the FONT keyword equal to -1, 0, or 1.

Once a font system has been selected, an individual font can be chosen either via a formatting command embedded in a text string as described in Embedded Formatting Commands, or by setting the value of the SET_FONT keyword to the DEVICE routine (see SET_FONT). Also see Using TrueType Fonts and Using Device Fonts for additional examples of using SET_FONT.

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