This function defines the tiling dimensions for fields defined following this function call, analogous to the procedure for setting the field compression scheme using EOS_GD_DEFCOMP. The number of tile dimensions and subsequent field dimensions must be the same and the tile dimensions must be integral divisors of the corresponding field dimensions. A tile dimension set to 0 will be equivalent to 1.

Note: Array ordering of variables used or returned by this routine changed in IDL 5.5. Programs written for versions of this routine prior to IDL 5.5 may need to be modified to work correctly with the current version.


We will define four fields in a grid, two 2-D fields of the same size with the same tiling, a three-dimensional field with a different tiling scheme, and a fourth with no tiling. We assume that XDim is 200 and YDim is 300.

tiledims[0] = 100
tiledims[1] = 200
status = EOS_GD_DEFTILE(gridID, 1, 2, tiledims)
status = EOS_GD_DEFFIELD(gridID, "Pressure", "YDim,XDim", 22)
status = EOS_GD_DEFFIELD(gridID, "Temperature", "YDim,XDim", 5)
tiledims[0] = 1
tiledims[1] = 150
tiledims[2] = 100
status = EOS_GD_DEFTILE(gridID, 1, 3, tiledims)
status = EOS_GD_DEFFIELD(gridID, "Spectra", "Bands,YDim,XDim", 5)
status = EOS_GD_DEFTILE(gridID, 0, 0)
status = EOS_GD_DEFFIELD(gridID, "Communities", "YDim,XDim", 24, /MERGE)


Result = EOS_GD_DEFTILE( gridID, tilecode [, tilerank, tiledims] )

Return Value

Returns SUCCEED(0) if successful and FAIL(–1) otherwise



Grid id (long) returned by EOS_GD_CREATE or EOS_GD_ATTACH.


Tile code (long): 0 = notile, 1 = tile


The number of tile dimensions (long) (optional).


Tile dimensions (long) (optional).



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