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This is a reference to a raster series object, which is a series of images for spatiotemporal analysis. The raster series does not contain any raster data, only references to the rasters. Here are some additional considerations:

  • If you export the raster series to a file, it will be in JSON metadata format and will have a .series extension.
  • To display rasters in the ENVI interface, use the Raster method.
  • You cannot interactively add or remove rasters from the series. You must create a new series if you need to revise the list of rasters.


This example opens a spatiotemporal series from the ENVI installation path. It then prints the contents of the raster series file.

; Start the application
; Locate a raster series file
seriesFile = Filepath('AirTemp.series', Subdir=['data','time_series'], $
  Root_Dir = e.Root_Dir)
; Create a raster series object
series = ENVIRasterSeries(seriesFile)
; Print the contents of the series file
Print, series

IDL prints:

Description: Raster Series 2014-04-10T16-45-53Z
Data Type: 5
Version: 5.1.1
Total Number of files: 12
Regular Grid: true
0:	2012-12-29T00:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012122900.dat
1:	2012-12-29T06:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012122906.dat
2:	2012-12-29T12:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012122912.dat
3:	2012-12-29T18:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012122918.dat
4:	2012-12-30T00:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012123000.dat
5:	2012-12-30T06:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012123006.dat
6:	2012-12-30T12:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012123012.dat
7:	2012-12-30T18:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012123018.dat
8:	2012-12-31T00:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012123100.dat
9:	2012-12-31T06:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012123106.dat
10:	2012-12-31T12:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012123112.dat
11:	2012-12-31T18:00:00Z:	...\AirTemp_2012123118.dat

For additional steps in working with the spatiotemporal series, see the code examples for the various methods to ENVIRasterSeries.


Result = ENVIRasterSeries([Filename] [, Keywords=value])

Return Value

This function returns a reference to a raster series object. If the associated file is a MIE4NITF file that contains multiple series, this method returns an array of raster series objects.


Filename (required)

Specify the path and name of a raster series file (.series) that lists the raster files used for a spatiotemporal series. Use the Build Raster Series tool in the ENVI application, or the ENVIBuildRasterSeriesTask or ENVIBuildTimeSeriesTask API routines to create a raster series file.

You can also specify a multi-page TIFF file (.tif); this routine will open the file as a raster series.















Properties marked as (Init) are applied only during the initial creation of the object. Properties marked as (Get) can be retrieved but not set. All other properties can be set during the creation of the object, or retrieved or changed after creation.


This property retrieves a string array containing the URIs for the raster files (including .hdr files) contained in an ENVIRasterSeries.


The number of rasters in the series.


The current raster.


DATASET_INDEX (optional)

This keyword applies to file formats with multiple datasets per file such as ECRG, HDF5, Multi-page TIFF, NetCDF-4, NITF with multiple image segments, Proba-V, and SkySat-1. Specify a zero-based index number that corresponds to a specific raster dataset that you want to open within a raster series. For example, DATASET_INDEX=0 will open the first raster.

  • Multi-page TIFF: Specify an index number with the specific page to open. For example, DATASET_INDEX=5 will open the sixth page.
  • NITF: For files with multiple image segments, specify an index number corresponding to an individual image segment. DATASET_INDEX=0 will open the first image segment.
  • Proba-V with radiometry:
    • DATASET_INDEX=0: VNIR band
    • DATASET_INDEX=1: SWIR band
    • DATASET_INDEX=2: NDVI band
    • DATASET_INDEX=3: Quality band
  • Proba-V without radiometry:
    • DATASET_INDEX=0: NDVI band
    • DATASET_INDEX=1: Quality band

Version History

ENVI 5.2


ENVI 5.3.1

Added Dehydrate method

ENVI 5.4

Added Hydrate method

ENVI 5.5 Added AUXILIARY_URI property

API Version


See Also

ENVIRaster, ENVIRasterSeriesLayer, ENVIBuildRasterSeriesTask, ENVIBuildTimeSeriesTask, ENVI::OpenRaster

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