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ENVI File Type File

ENVI File Type File

The menu\filetype.txt is an ASCII file that specifies the file types available in the Edit Raster Metadata dialog File Type drop-down list. Using the File Type field in the Edit Raster Metadata dialog allows image files to have an ENVI header, but still exist in their native formats. The file types include ENVI-specific files such as meta files, classification results, virtual mosaics, spectral libraries, and fast Fourier transform (FFT) results. The file types also include data-specific formats.

You can edit the filetype.txt file and add your own, user-defined file types. The first {bracketed} entry contains the full file type name, the second entry contains an abbreviated name to use in the Edit Raster Metadata dialog, and the third entry contains the name of the routine used to read the data.

The following is the default filetype.txt file included in your ENVI installation.

{ACRES CEOS} {ACRES CEOS} {envi_acres_read_ceos}
{ADRG} {ADRG} {envi_read_adrg}
{AVHRR CD} {AVHRR} {envi_read_avhrr}
{BMP} {BMP} {envi_read_bmp}
{CEOS Generic} {CEOS} {envi_read_ceos}
{COSMO-SkyMed} {COSMO-SkyMed} {envi_read_cosmoskymed}
{ECW} {ECW} {envi_read_ecw}
{ENVISAT} {ENVISAT} {envi_read_envisat}
{ERDAS 8.X} {ERDAS 8.X} {envi_read_erdas}
{ERDAS IMAGINE} {ERDAS IMAGINE} {envi_read_erdas}
{ESA Landsat TM} {ESA TM} {envi_read_esa_tm}
{ESA SHARP} {ESA SHARP} {envi_read_esa_sharp}
{ESRI GRID} {ESRI GRID} {envi_read_grid}
{HDF EOS ASTER} {HDF ASTER} {envi_read_aster}
{HDF EOS MODIS} {HDF MODIS} {envi_read_modis}
{HDF Landsat} {HDF Landsat} {envi_read_landsat_hdf}
{HDF Modis Simulator} {HDF MAS-50} {envi_read_mas50}
{HDF Scientific Data} {HDF SD} {envi_read_hdf_sd}
{HDF SeaWiFS} {HDF SeaWiFS} {envi_read_seawifs_hdf}
{JPEG2000} {JPEG2000} {envi_read_jpeg2000}
{KOMPSAT-2} {KOMPSAT-2} {envi_read_kompsat2}
{MrSID} {MRSID} {envi_read_mrsid}
{NITF} {NITF} {envi_read_nitf}
{NLAPS CD} {NLAPS} {envi_read_nlaps}
{NOAA DMSP} {NOAA DMSP} {envi_read_dmsp}
{PCI} {PCI} {envi_read_pci}
{PDS Image} {PDS Image} {envi_read_pds}
{RADARSAT} {RADARSAT} {envi_read_radarsat}
{RapidEye} {RapidEye} {envi_read_rapideye}
{SICD} {SICD} {envi_read_sicd}
{SPOT CD} {SPOT} {envi_read_spot}
{TIFF} {TIFF} {envi_read_tiff}
{Tiled QuickBird} {Tiled QB} {envi_mosaic_tiled_qb_product}
{Tiled WorldView} {Tiled WV} {envi_mosaic_tiled_wv_product}
{TFRD} {TFRD} {envi_read_tfrd}
{ENVI Object} {Zoom} {envi_read_zoom}

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