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Decorrelation Stretch

Decorrelation Stretch

Use Decorrelation Stretch to remove the high correlation commonly found in multispectral data sets and to produce a more colorful color composite image. The highly correlated data sets often produce quite bland color images. Decorrelation stretching requires three bands for input. These bands should be stretched byte data or may be selected from an open color display.

Tip: You can obtain similar results to decorrelation by using a sequence of forward principal components (PC), contrast stretching, and inverse PC transforms.

  1. From the Toolbox, select Transform > Decorrelation Stretch. The Decorrelation Stretch Input Bands dialog appears.
  2. Select one band each for the R, G, and B fields, then click OK. The Decorrelation Stretch Parameters dialog appears.
  3. To spatially subset your data, click Spatial Subset.
  4. Output the result to File or Memory.
  5. Click OK.

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