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DICOM Platform Support and Licensing

DICOM Platform Support and Licensing

Supported Platforms

See IDL Feature Support for a current list of operating systems that support the expanded DICOM functionality in IDL.

Licensing Requirements

For more information about the following items, contact your Harris Geospatial Solutions sales representative or technical support. To redistribute applications that contain the DICOM Network Services utility or that use the IDLffDicomEx object functionality, a runtime license can be purchased for end users, or users can be instructed to purchase their own licenses. For more details about the different licensing options, please refer to Distributing Runtime Mode Applications.

DICOM Network Services

An additional-cost license is required to access IDL’s DICOM Network Services. Your license purchase for DICOM Network Services includes the license required for DICOM Read/Write support.

DICOM Read/Write

The IDLffDicomEx object greatly expands IDL’s DICOM capabilities and requires an additional-cost license key to access the functionality.

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