The cursor location coordinates display in the status bar of the Main window and below the Navigate window. By default, ENVI LiDAR displays x,y,z coordinates from the projection system specified at project creation. For example:

X: 593816.289 Y: 5289591.760 Z: 338.092 (Terrain)

where (Terrain) is the classification of the location under the cursor.

You can display the x,y coordinates in a different coordinate system by right-clicking the status bar and selecting one of the following:

  • Original Projection: (default) Displays map coordinates based on the coordinate system used to process the data. Example display: X: 593816.290 Y: 5289591.795 Z: 338.097.
  • Lat/lon degrees minutes seconds: Displays latitude and longitude coordinates in degrees/minutes/seconds format, with directional indicators. Example display: Lat: 47°45'10.326"N, Lon: 16°15'6.156"E Z:338.098.
  • Lat/lon decimal degrees: Displays latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees format. Example display: Lat: 47.752868 Lon: 16.251710 Z: 338.089. South latitudes and West longitudes are preceded by the "-" symbol.
  • MGRS: Displays Military Grid Reference System coordinates as an alphanumeric string. Example display: MGRS: 33 T WN 93816 89591 Z: 338.087. Northing and Easting numerical values can have up to five digits of precision, which represents a 1 square meter grid.
  • Custom: Creates a custom coordinate system display. The Select Coordinate System dialog appears. Select Advanced from the Projection System drop-down list. Use the Select Coordinate System dialog to create the custom coordinates.

When you select a different coordinate system and move the cursor back to the Main or Navigate windows, the coordinates display in the new format. To indicate the coordinates are converted from the original projection, (converted) appears at the end of the coordinates display. For example:

 Lat: 47.752782 Lon: 16.251704 Z: 337.850 (converted) (Tree)